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We created The Next Scoop for budding authors to share their vision and ideas. The Next Scoop prefers quality over quantity and so you will see only a few blogs being published on a weekly basis. We at TNS believe that if you give readers need and want actionable value, and this is what brings them coming back.

This is where you come in. If you have an original idea that you know will be valuable to the readers of TNS, we're looking forward to hearing from you.

Just to give you a clearer picture of our readers, here are some of the domains we write on.

  • Digital Marketing – Trends, new tactics, something new, how-to, case studies, and infographics
  • SEO – trends, tactics, how-to guide, and infographics
  • Content marketing – everything about content, writing, blogging, case studies, how to guide, and infographics
  • Social media – new trends, case studies, how-to guides, and actionable tips
  • Mobile marketing – app marketing, actionable tips, and how-to guide
  • Blockchain or ICO marketing – new ideas and tips
  • Reviews – we accept reviews for all digital marketing, sales, and social media tools

We value your time

We at TNS understand how creating an informative article of value requires elaborate efforts and long hours of your time. Therefore, we despise rejecting the articles. Here's how we strike balance between strict quality of content and wasting no time of yours.

Pitch a rough draft with summary    Wait for approval    Start writing

  1. Step 1 : Send us a pitch, an outline or a rough draft and add a summary of how it is important to our readers.
  2. Step 2 : For 48 hours, and someone from TNS will let you know if your pitch is accepted or not. We may also suggest edits to the draft.
  3. Step 3 : You go ahead and write a complete article based on our approved pitch or rough draft.

Pitching Guideline

Your pitch will help us know what is your content about, and what all points will it cover.

  • Keep your pitch, outline, or rough draft under 300 words
  • Create a title along with all headings and subheadings
  • Mention in short what will be covered under each subheading

Summary Guideline

Your summary will help us know your expertise and experience, and how will your proposed content benefit our readers.

  • Keep your summary under 100 words
  • Define your target audience
  • Define what value you are aiming to provide with your article
  • Tell us about your experience and expertise preferably with links to published work

Send us your pitch and summary at editor@thenextscoop.com or thenextscoop@gmail.com

Steps to follow after your pitch rough draft or outline is accepted by us.

Editorial Guideline

Since we want our readers to only consume the freshest of content, we abide by certain rules. Following them will help you get published on TNS.

  • Please do NOT send Press Releases, Sales Pitches, or any other promotional content
  • Content should NOT be published elsewhere including your personal blogs or business website
  • Ensure NO grammatical errors, and 0% plagiarism
  • Write in American English
  • Ensure your article is supported with convincing arguments and not just fictitious opinions, please fact-check, and cite sources wherever required
  • Add images and statistical graphs whenever necessary
  • Avoid long paragraphs, with repetitive meaning
  • We appreciate uniqueness along with authenticity
  • Add author bio of maximum 200 characters preferably with links to your social media
  • Be willing to work with our editors to fine tune your content

Formatting Guideline

Following these guidelines will make things easier for everyone.

  • Your submission should be minimum of 1500 words
  • Your submission should be shared in a Word file (.doc) or as a Google Doc file
  • Use bullet points and headings
  • Do NOT justify the text

Terms & Conditions

  • We hold the right of rejecting an article after accepting the pitch.
  • All links that are about the sales and service page would be nofollow.
  • We will not remove an article from our site once it gets published.
  • We have the sole authority to keep or remove links from a write-up.
  • You will work as a partner with our editor and establish a timeline for delivery. In case you feel that you will miss a deadline, have a prior communication with them.